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Is " Bawang tiwai " a kind of onion forest is there in the corners of Kalimantan and grow wild in the forest. This combined the findings with the " parasite tea " and other plants that also ber property to cure people with chronic diseases, especially in the disease. The herbal medicine product product / herb " Bawang tiwai " East Kalimantan have been circulating that overlooks Indonesia and marketed using the direct marketing system ( Direct marketing) is as follows:

1.KANKER / TUMOR: used for:
Rp 150, 000, . Treat / prevent disease sufferer Cancer / Tumor
in the intestine, breast, uterus is sometimes accompanied by
bleeding, cyst in the uterus, lung cancer, brain cancer

2.JANTUNG: used for:
Rp 150, 000. Heart patients treated with symptoms of hand
pins, chest pain, chest thump etc. difficult to sleep.

3.STROKE: used for:
Rp 130, 000. Improve the system because the body' s nerve paralysis.
. Smooth circulation of blood.

4.GINJAL: used for:
Rp 130, 000. Treat acute inflammation in the kidneys, waist pain,
overcome interference ureter
. Menormalkan of kidney function.
. Destroy kidney stones and gall stones.

5.DARAH HIGH: used for:
Rp 130, 000, . Treat high blood pressure, with symptoms of neck muscles
feel numb, pins and hand / cramps
. Smooth circulation of blood.

6.SYARAF: used for:
Rp 130, 000, . Treat symptoms of nerve disease.
. Smooth circulation of blood keotak

7.PROSTATE: used for:
Rp 130, 000, . Treat / prevent Prostate cancer.
. Reinforce ureter.

8.TIROID: used for:
Rp 130, 000. Treat people with hormone disruption tiroid the excess
an, causing increased heart beat,
prominent eyes, mumps, penebalan skin ditungkai, kegeli -
sahan, fatigue, hand tremor, and decreased weight -

9.LIVER: used for:
Rp 130, 000, . Mengobati prevent any problems and liver disease,
Liver cirrhosis, hepatitis, with symptoms of weakness, interference
digestion, decrease body weight, poor appetite etc..

10.MAAG / USUS: used for:
Rp 130, 000, . Treat bowel cancer, enteritis, acute ulcer and all

11.GLYCEROL FORTE: used for:
Rp 170, 000. Lower degree Triglycerida, Cholesterol, acid fiber
( uricacid) simultaneously.
. Stroke prevent disease and heart disease Koroner
due to consume too much fat, so mem
Speed is the cumulation of fat in
blood vessel, especially the heart vessel.

12.SINUSITIS: used for:
Rp 150, 000. Treat acute sinusitis ( chronic runny nose) , polyp, often
sneezing, sneezing.

13.PARU-PARU ( ASTHMA) : used for:
Rp 130, 000, . Treat respiratory disturbance / shortness of breath.
. Reducing the mucus in the lungs.
. Treat vomiting of blood due to lung tuberculosis.

14.RHEUMATIK PLUS: used for:
Rp 150, 000. Rheumatik treat acute.
. Destroy kidney stones, gall stones, muscle pain.
. Swollen feet due to excess acid fiber.

15.DIABETES: used for:
Rp 130, 000, . Treat people with the disease Diabetes Mellitus ( pee -
sweet) because of genetics or because of Obesity and the result
interference function of pancreas.

16.VIAGARA.X: used for:
Rp 170, 000. Improving the quality of Ereksi for men who mempu -
gammer aberration function sexuality, Erectile Dysfunction
( Impotensi) and Ejakulasi premature.
. The difference function as male sexuality effect
Diabetes Mellitus and heart disease.
. Increase Libido.

17.ALERGI: used for:
Rp 130, 000, . Healing the itch-itch because allergy.

18.WASIR: used for:
Rp 130, 000, . Treat / prevent disease hemorrhoids ( pile) and

19.SPECIAL: used for:
Rp 150, 000, . Increase vitality and stamina men.
. Menormalkan function of sexuality.
. Increase Libido / passionate sex.

20.SEHAT FEMALE: used for:
Rp 130, 000, . Treat / prevent tumor or cancer in women
. Maintain body fitness.
. Wage period, preventing keputihan.
. Treat painful menstruation.

21.SEHAT PRIA: used for:
Rp 130, 000, . Increase vitality and stamina.
. Maintain body fitness.
. Menormalkan metabolism.

22.SARI RAPAT: used for:
Rp 130, 000, . Maintaining the health of women.
. Reduce mucus, etc. keputihan.

23.PELANGSING: used for:
Rp 150, 000. Very good to lose weight because kegemuk
an ( Obesity) .
. Throw waste water ( constipation) .

24.AMANDEL: used for:
Rp 150, 000. Treat people with sore throat,
. Treat enlargement of tonsil / tonsillectomy

25.BUGAR: used for:
Rp 130, 000, . Adding food taste
. Increase body weight.
. Menormalkan hormonal system.
Smooth blood circulation and metabolism.

26.PENENANG. : used for:
Rp 130, 000, . Mengobati of difficult to sleep ( insomnia)
. Vertigo, anxiety, can not sleep soundly.
. Migraine ( the head of a headache)
. Memory function decline, forgetful.

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